Woodturning and related sites:

The Toolpost : I bought my Wivamac DB1200Vario lathe from Peter Hemsley a few years ago and his service and support has been superb from the very beginning. Before buying the lathe I spent hours on the phone with him, asking all kinds of stupid and/or awkward questions about this particular lathe. He was very patient indeed and every time I have visited the Toolpost, I have always come away with some useful hints or tips to go along with my little bag of purchases! By the way, the new shop he has opened in Didcot is excellent - and you can try out the various lathes in the superb Wivamac range!

Kel McNaughton Centre Saver: Another "goodie" from the Toolpost! This bit of kit has saved me some very useful extra bowl blanks when I have been using bigger blanks - so much better than turning about 80% of a blank into wonderful shavings! I can often get three or even four "nesting" bowls out of what I save from one of the bigger blanks, and the Saver system must have paid for itself in the first six months or so.

Laymar Crafts Woodturning: This site, run by Richard Stapley, has to be one of the best woodturning resources on the Internet. I have lost count of the number of times I have surfed its many pages in search of the answer to a woodturning problem. It is a superbly organised site, easy to navigate - and one visit alone, where I saw the idea for a simple chainsaw "horse" has saved me a lot of money and probably a few scary moments since I built mine from the plans on the site! Go there - you are guaranteed to return time after time...

Segmented Turning: This is the site of Bill Kandler over in California, USA. This style of turning requires a very special approach - with precise cutting of perhaps hundreds of separate pieces of different woods which are then glued together to make specific designs and patterns, and then turned on the lathe in the normal way. The site is well worth a visit - and you might even be tempted to try segmented turning for yourself!

Power Tool Spares: If ever you need replacement parts for power tools - large or small- then check with David Carr and his team. Over the years they have bailed me out with such things as replacement belts for my Elektra Beckum bandsaw, brushes for the motor in my electric drill, and new blades for a 30 year old power plane. Service is very fast, and prices very competitive. A first-rate company with superb levels of service

Other sites:

Newbury 4 x 4 Centre: I have used a few garages over the years to service my various vehicles - from franchised dealers' workshops to little, independent outfits. My dear old Land Rover Discovery is now getting to the same sort of condition as I'm in (not old, but old enough to need bits doing to it occasionally to keep it going properly!). Steve and his staff do a first rate job, without fuss, and with a lot of pride in their workmanship - and fully explain everything they do to your vehicle. In short, they are the BEST!

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