Like the majority of professional woodturners, I do not spend days on end in my workshop turning wonderful "arty" creations which are then snapped up by eager collectors and institutions for many hundreds of pounds- far from it! Much of my work is a mixture of salad bowls and fruit bowls, candle and tealight holders, vases, various platters, clocks and little boxes .......not to mention the ubiquitous mushrooms, which seem to plague every craft fair (but then they are incredibly popular), Although I am delighted to accept commissions for large "arty" pieces from individuals and institutions, I also accept commissions for retirement /wedding/birthday/Christmas and other presents for special occasions. I make salad bowls, fruit bowls and chopping boards for various kitchenware shops, and candle/tealight holders for individuals and internet outlets. Woodturners need to pay bills like everyone else!!!!!

In short - If you would like a special "one off" gift for someone, or a batch of 100 Brown Ash salad bowls, please contact me.

This page shows examples of just a few of the items I have made in the past - it should give you some idea of the scope of my work. Just click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.

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